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Prominent Dancing School In London

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Experience The Magic Of Dance At AV Dance Magic Ltd

Welcome to AV Dance Magic Ltd, London's premier dancing school! Partnered with The Studio 884, our 1200sq ft. space boasts bespoke oak sprung floors, mirrored walls, and antique chandeliers, providing the perfect ambience for learning and creativity. We offer adult dance classes, Pilates and modern dance classes at affordable prices in our dance studio. Our facilities include hygiene stations and ample workspaces for clients and teachers, ensuring a professional-standard environment. Led by Dr Frances Sturridge, our holistic and award-winning approach integrates Western medical practices with Eastern therapies, offering dance movement therapy and health coaching. Founded in 2020, we're dedicated to making dance accessible to all, with fully trained staff and passionate instructors sharing their expertise. As a member of the World Dance Council and the Bulgarian Professional Dance Association and an International Judge for Ballroom and Latin Dancing, we uphold the highest standards of excellence. Contact us and discover the magic of dance!

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Our Dance Offerings

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Ballroom And Latin Dance Classes

Indulge in the timeless allure of ballroom and Latin dance within our vibrant studio ambience. Our classes blend tradition with innovation, ensuring every student learns, grows, and dances with confidence and finesse.

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Experience the transformative power of movement with our unique Pilates offerings. Guided by experienced practitioners, discover how Pilates can strengthen your body, uplift your spirit, and enhance your overall well-being.

What Our Dancers Say

Client Feedback

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I had an awesome experience. I love the teachers, and they are very professional. I actually left because of the same student who gave such awful lies about AV Dance Magic Ltd. She is a bully and wants all the attention for herself. We actually suffered a lot because of her, and we are happy that she left. This is defamation of the corrector, and I think it shouldn’t be left for her to get away with it 🙈 she is miserable and unhappy.

AV Dance Magic Ltd is a wonderful studio with teachers who are kind, patient, and understanding, whatever age you are. My personal experience over the last 3 years with the guidance of Vladi has given me confidence and the ability to become a social dancer, and the positive mental and physical benefits are incredible. This studio is loved by all the students from 5 years to 90 years and all of us in between. A wonderful family atmosphere and I would highly recommend this studio for everyone wanting to dance and meet new friends.

I love coming to learn to dance here! The teachers are brilliant and encouraging. They explain new steps using everyday movements, which really helps, but also get into the details of each step, such as where to position your weight, which part of the foot to step with first and so on. I've been attending classes here for 9 months now but have been looking into the studio from the outside since it opened! From knowing nothing about Ballroom and Latin (I didn't even watch Strictly), I'm loving this new dance journey.

Contact Details

884, High Road, 

London, N12 9RH

07519 301415

020 4524 1666

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